Corsica Glow Lotion Bar


Corsica GLOW Bars pair beauty basics with luxurious moisture and delicate scents. Apply to body or face for an instant, luminescent glow.

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Handmade in the United States


Corsica Scents was formed by two friends out of a desire to simplify beauty by combining all-natural ingredients with sustainable packaging in a line of products that would appeal to both men and women. Since our beginnings, offering our products at local farmers markets, our brand, product offerings, and team have grown.

Our Corsica Scents name is derived from the Mediterranean island of Corsica, also known as “the scented Isle.” More than 2,500 species of wildflowers grow on the island of Corsica, from which many of our essential oils are harvested.

Corsica Scents sources only the finest ingredients on Earth through safe, clean, ethical practices. Be at peace knowing all of our hand-crafted Lotion Bars, Lips Balms and Soaps are always beautifully bare.