Sea Treasures Bath & Shower Goat Milk Crème


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Relax, rejuvenate and pamper yourself with our DIY at home spa experience. Our aromatic bath and shower crème is a concentrated formula made with Chamomile and Goat milk to moisturize your skin and leave you feeling soft, smooth and fragrant just like you stepped out of the spa.

Our bath & shower crème has the added benefit of cleansing your body while it hydrates, moisturizes & rejuvenates your skin. May be used as a daily cleanser.

  • In Bath: Drizzle a few drops into warm running water and soak; rinse off with warm water. In Shower: Wet skin with warm water, apply a few drops onto hands or wash cloth and lather; rinse off with warm water.

Fragrance Description

  • Nostalgic warm ocean breezes intertwined with the soft floral of sweet pea